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equal justice

“Equal Justice Under Law” is  carved in granite over the door of the United States Supreme Courtn Washington.  Yet, it is obvious to almost everyone that you can get about as much justice as you can pay for.  The poor have little hope of entering the courthouse.  Lawyers, who should know this better than anyone else, cover up the truth by trumpeting their “pro bono” service.  This blog will describe  how the  “third branch of our government”—–the courts—-are the special playground for the wealthy.  The exceptions are largely “poltitcal theatre, ” giving a well-publicised  appearance of an equality that does not exist.  The only courts that are really  well attended by the poor are the criminal courts.   For,  our system does really want to make sure that their behaviors are controlled.

This blog will concern chiefly the lack of  access to  civil courts  as opposed to criminal courts.  Remedies for the current situation will be discussed.  We believe what Leaned Hand said:  “If we are to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment: thou shall not ration justice.”  

Unless our civil  courts give justice to citizens regardless of income, they can give justice to none, only privileges for the few.

Image credit: CC-BY-SA-3.0/Matt H. Wade at Wikipedia

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